A New Ride: The Britax Frontier

APR 19, 2008

ETA: The response has been overwhelming so this has turned into a 4-post detailed photo review of the Britax Frontier. All 4 posts are quite picture heavy, so I apologize in advance to dial-up users. :)

Here are the posts regarding the Britax Frontier:

> Post #1 – When we first got the Frontier with comparison pix next to the Marathon.

Post #2 – Answered some visitor questions with photos of my oldest 10 yo daughter in the seat.

Post #3 – Shows car’s belt measurements of the seat installed in my 2001 Ford Taurus.

Post #4 – Shows how high the head rest goes and how much the seat slopes in recline and upright positions. My oldest 10yo daughter is shown in the seat with head rest up.

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The Dynamic Duo

MAR 6, 2008

Yesterday was one of those days. Blah.

I woke up to more snow. (Though small blessings in that it wasn’t as

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Quest for the Right Doctor

JAN 25, 2008

Maybe I have a misguided notion that the parents and family doctor should work as a team for the health of children.

But I

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