Gone Fishin’

JUL 8, 2013

Since moving here over 9 years ago, we haven’t had a chance to fish in one of Michigan’s 11,000+ lakes or 36,000+ miles of rivers and streams. Today, we finally had that chance. We went to a nearby recreational lake area and within 30 minutes of hooking our poles, we started catching Bluegill fish!

Kaybear caught the first fish of the day. This little Bluegill was also her very first catch.

Little Tiger also caught a Bluegill. He was pretty excited!

Little Man got his Bluegill catch as well. This is his second fish, though. The first one, a much bigger fish, had gotten away before he could reel it in.

Strawberry had been playing on a nearby beach area, and ran to the dock just before it started raining. Right after casting her reel, she immediately caught this little Bluegill fish.

We were only able to go out for about 45 minutes before a storm rolled in, but for the kids’ first time fishing, this was a success! The kids are hooked (pun intended) and it won’t be long before we’ll be out on the dock again.

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