MAR 11, 2013

On March 9, we bought 12 chicks. We have finally ventured into the world of chicken keeping! We’ve talked about it for years but never was quite in the position to proceed with the idea. So we gathered up the kids and headed to Tractor Supply. Probably not the best place to purchase chicks, but that’s where we went. Each person picked out 2 chicks each.

Our baby chicks are all female:
1. Hubby’s Red Pullet – Henny Penny
2. Little Man’s Red Pullet – Hookfang
3. Little Tiger’s Ameraucauna – Zelda
4. Strawberry’s Leghorn – Pearl
5. Hubby’s Leghorn – Foghorn
6. My Black Sex Link – Emma Swan –> EDITED April 13th: Mine is actually a rooster!
7. My Ameraucauna – Liberty
8. Kaybear’s Black Sex Link – Regina
9. Little Man’s Ameraucauna – Lightning Strike
10. Strawberry’s Ameraucauna – Belle
11. Kaybear’s Ameraucauna – Mulan
12. Little Man’s Ameraucauna – Matthew (aka Mattie)

This little Red Pullet chick is Hookfang. Little Man picked and named her. He has a small obsession with “How to Train Your Dragon” movie, hence why his 2 chicks are named dragon names. :)

Next to her is Little Tiger’s Ameraucauna, Zelda.

Mulan, Kaybear’s Ameraucauna chick and Little Man’s Ameraucauna, Lightning Strike.

Hello there! I *think* this is Mattie. It is hard to tell the one yellow-ish Ameraucauna from the 2 Leghorn girls.

Zelda, Little Tiger’s Ameraucauna chick. Strawberry’s Pearl having a chat with Zelda.

Chicks huddling together.

The chicks are having an escape-planning huddle.

(L to R, CW): Henny Penny, Hookfang, Emma Swan, Regina, Zelda, and Liberty

We set them up in our dining room area. We bought a metal trough from Tractor Supply. We added a heat lamp, pine bedding, a feeder and a waterer, and covered it with chicken wire.

We added chicken wire and attached it with heavy duty clamps hubby bought from Home Depot. It was a necessary addition. Otherwise, Meeko might have had a tasty dinner that night!

Mulan is looking up and saying Good Bye!

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