What a DSLR Camera can NOT do…

OCT 23, 2012

I’ve picked up a DSLR camera (finally!) and my kids have been the guinea pigs while I’ve been learning this camera. While the DSLR may be a huge leap up from my little Fuji point-and-shoot in image quality, one thing it can’t do for me is get 3 children 7 years and under to cooperate and look at the camera at the same time.

Oh, and I want those serious yet sweet, innocent smiles like you see in the magazines.

I know it can happen.


Strawberry is trying her hardest to smile sweetly, look at the camera, and ignore those silly boys.

Almost got it…

Helllooooo…. Little Tiger…. the camera is over here!

OK. So this isn’t working too well.

The kids head to the tree stumps to sit. Little Tiger grabbed his tree stump. I encouraged Little Man to pose next to him.

“My tree stump! Get your own!”

“Sorry! I can’t hear you! I have my ear protection on!”

I try to get Strawberry over to the scene but apparently Little Tiger didn’t like that idea either.

I’m not sure what Little Man is up to… he looks a bit loopy there. lol

“A boy needs space! Move it, sista! You, too, brother!”

I love how Strawberry slips BEHIND Little Tiger and poses as if to say, “Forget these goobers! I’m ready!”

Out of 112 attempts, the vast majority had either Little Man sticking his tongue out or Little Tiger trying to push others out of his space.

(Thank goodness for digital! Whew!)

This is the closest I got to a somewhat normal shot of these 3 kids.

And it was one of the very first shots I took that afternoon! lol

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