Our Homeschool Room

AUG 3, 2012

It is that time of year when we start cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for the new school year. I thought I’d share what our homeschool room looked this past school year. These pictures were taken back in February using my iPod Touch. It still looks the same but much much more messy. :)

As you walk into the room, this is what you see. The shelves to the left of the table contain our religious and reference books. The table is where The Littles and I work together on seat work. Sitting on the shelves just beyond the table, I have a banker’s paper box for construction paper and the drawers hold coloring books, stencils, etc. No crayons, colored pencils, paints, etc. As much as I’d love to have art supplies out all the time for Strawberry and Little Man, the youngest would open and dump EVERYthing out. I haven’t figured a way around that yet.

To the immediate right of the door sits Kaybear’s desk with her Ikea Trofast workboxes next to her. Kody likes to visits her a lot.

Moving down the right wall, you’ll see our huge whiteboard, our calendar, and Explode the Code phonics chart. On or above the whiteboard, I’ll put up the letter of the week or Verita Press timeline cards or anything really. On top of the shelves is a puzzle rack, pencil holders, books we are currently reading, buckets of ABC blocks and magnetic letters, an abacus, and our Replogle Atlantis Globe. The shelves below hold literature.

In the far right corner is a bean bag and United States map. The bookshelves hold history, geography, and science books. Next to the bean bag is a lime green basket of library books. The hopscotch rug gets used a lot in the winter.

On the far west wall lies this window bench. Kody has claimed it as his personal space during lessons. I picked up those colorful pillows on clearance at the end of 2011 summer. You can’t see them, but matching the turquoise striped pillows are some orange and hot pink striped ones on the bench. There are 8 or 9 throw pillows for lounging. Unfortunately, the main window beach cushion doesn’t match the rest of the room and I’m not sure where I can (cheaply) buy something different. So we just ignore it. lol

If you sat on the window bench, you’d see this:

Little Tiger can reach his Plan Toy Geometric Board and our nature display can be viewed. More books we were currently reading were on display on the shelf as well. Too bad my poinsettia didn’t last much longer after this photo was taken.

Moving to the far left corner, you’ll find our loveseat for cuddling and reading aloud as well as our world map. There is a bulletin board for displaying the kids’ artwork. This area is much different in that I used browns to go with the nature-y theme. Some throw pillows and another bean bag on the floor allow for independent reading. These weren’t used all that much, though. The window bench or loveseat were the popular reading spots.

h look! On the loveseat are my orange/pink pillows from the window bench. Those pillows end up everywhere! lol

Backing up to the rear of the couch is my little desk area and shelf. This is clean. Something my desk currently is not. You can’t even see my laminator under piles of books and papers now. ;)

Behind my desk (not pictured) is a storage closet and to the left of that, next to the door, are The Littles’ workboxes. Strawberry and Little Man share the tall Ikea Trofast and Little Tiger has the small Trofast to himself. I have some teaching posters on the Creation on the wall and we have a Panasonic CD player to listen to audio lessons and music.

The room is colorful with turquoise, lime green, hot pink, and crisp white as the color scheme despite the forest green walls. (We rent and are not allowed to repaint the walls.) The curtains, buckets in the Trofasts, bean bags, baskets, and ribbon memo boards are all in bright colors while the Ikea Expedit shelves and my desk provide that clean crispness to the room.

At the time, I wanted something cheerful, bright, and colorful. Lately, ever since reading The Thread on the WTM forum and emails from the spinoff Yahoo group, I’ve been contemplating bringing more of the Good, True, and Beautiful in our home. I have been considering making some changes to this room in particular. I’d like it to look less like a classroom and more Beautiful. I’m just unsure how… especially since so much time, effort, and money was put into the current design.

How would you rearrange the furniture and what would you put up on the walls? Would you soften the room up with earthy colors or do the bright colors work just fine? If this was your room, what would *you* do with it? :-D

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