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MAY 29, 2012

Knock, knock.

— waits —

*crickets chirp*

Anyone there? A knock knock joke is no good without an audience.

It has been (too) long a time since the last blog post. Seriously… where has the time gone? We’ve been incredibly busy. As I noted on our photoblog, my camera is gone. I only have an iPod Touch camera, which stinks in quality. So any new posts will be quite plain. :)

What have we been up to?

Hubby has been working hard. He is on a project that really needs 3 full time engineers yet it is just him. We are blessed that he has a job but it has been extremely stressful on all of us. We’re praying for endurance for him to survive until the completion of this project. For good news, he has completed 2 classes towards his Master’s degree. 3.6 GPA so far! This last class was his hardest yet. The professor was lacking in teaching skills. He didn’t use a book. He strayed off to rabbit trails often. And knowing what was on the test or even what the professor was looking for was Hubby’s biggest challenge. The finals was a 2 question, 12 hour exam. He was sure he failed. He still doesn’t know what his final grade was but apparently, it was enough for his GPA to be a 3.6. Hubby was definitely happy with that!

Kaybear has been busy with math, math, and more math. Oh, we do other things but math is her challenge. She demonstrates the ability to grasp it… but she hates it all the same. She also has been working at the barn 2 days a week. Sometimes more. She mucks stalls, cleans the barn, trains horses, rides horses, and whatever else Ann-Marie tells her to do. She loves it. She is such a physical girl that barn duty is right up her alley!

Kaybear with Meeko

Strawberry has been practicing reading and dancing. She has taken an interest in bird watching as well. We bought a bird feeder and I am putting together a bird journal for her to record her observations. In 3 weeks, she has her dance recital for ballet and jazz. She wants to continue dancing but we are unsure where to go. We disagree with the music choice, dance moves, and the attire that the older girls wear. I have also noticed that she hasn’t really been learning classical ballet moves. Class has been sporadic in its teaching and more fun and games than learning. There is one place that we really like but it is over an hour away. Oh! And did I mention she got her ears pierced! :D

Little Man and Little Tiger have been busy being boys. Little Man has been learning to read and Little Tiger has perfected his demolition skills. He has earned the nicknames ToddlerZilla and Destructo Boy.

The Boys

Rhythm has spent the last 2 weeks at Ann-Marie’s. Kaybear wanted to practice her canter leads in an arena. As beautiful as the area is at our house, a flat area to practice core riding skills is lacking. We also wanted to give Rhythm an opportunity to graze on a pasture of grass… another thing lacking here. We actually have a nice big pasture of rolling hills. The problem is the resident horse, Cisco, is mean. He has been “wild” for probably 18 years or more. The landlords can’t even have his feet trimmed unless he is tranquilized. He bites, he charges after you, and has no respect for the boundaries of a fence or a human. So we have this unvaccinated, unwormed, ill-kept, mean spirited horse that we don’t even own to deal with. Gosh… and he seemed nice when we were looking at the house to rent.

Gina's babies

Kody has been in dog training at Blue Sky Retrievers. He is currently home for a week “vacation”. The trainer has commented that Kody is a “spoiled knucklehead” and the “2nd hardest dog” he’s ever trained. He said Kody was very smart, though. He is constantly thinking of ways to get out of doing what is commanded! He has the makings of a champion hunter… if he can get over his stubbornness. That stubbornness must be a family trait. ;)

Bubbles and Gina… our 2 guinea pigs. For Strawberry’s birthday, we got her a guinea pig (Bubbles). Of course, being social creatures and the fact that Kaybear put on that “oh ppleeease momma” look, we ended up with 2 guinea pigs. 2 weeks ago, Strawberry comes into my bedroom and wakes me.

Momma! We have babies!

Groggy, I lifted an eyelid to peer at her. She must be playing a joke, I thought. Nope. Sure enough, Gina had given birth to 2 babies. What a Good Morning surprise! We counted the gestation period. We counted the amount of days we had owned them (54 days). Well… you do the math. Gina came home already pregnant! This week the babies are weaned and then we have another month before they can go to new homes. Of course, Kaybear is trying to convince me to let her keep one. And Strawberry wants Bubbles to have babies, too. Oi vey!

We brought Meeko home yesterday as well. What a sweet, adorable boy! A Ragdoll kitten from Fluffy Luv Cattery, he is a beautiful seal mink color. He endured the 3 hour ride home well. He spent the first 30 minutes fairly agitated but the smooth highway helped to calm down. He has acclimated quickly to our home. Kody is the only obstacle now. Meeko hisses and hides from him each time we try to introduce them. But we are taking it very slowly. Today he only hisses and walks away to hide. Baby steps… baby steps.

Meeko (photo taken by Fluffy Luv Cattery; post-processing by me)

Finally, it is spring cleaning time. The house is torn apart as I try to tackle clutter and mess. Of course, as soon as a room is cleaned, I have 4 kids who come behind me to destroy again. Ha!

It’s getting late and almost time for afternoon chores. I promise it won’t be so long before I post again. ;)

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