Homemade Poptarts

AUG 18, 2011

After 2 tries I think I’ve figured out how to make these Homemade Poptarts. :D

The first time I tried I had very crumbly dough. It was tough to work, and even harder to roll out. I spent over an hour trying to get it flat and thin but it just wasn’t working out right. I cooked them up anyway and although the family liked them (or were being very polite about it), they just didn’t turn out that well. So I grumbled, muttered, whined, and couldn’t sleep. I had dreams of homemade poptarts that night. Dreams replaying what went wrong. I tend to over analyze and obsess about things, if you hadn’t noticed…

After posting a comment on the Heavenly Homemaker blog my woes, Laura replied with her suggestion of adding more yogurt (or adding a bit of water). The other thing I guessed that wasn’t working in my attempt is that no, Virginia, Country Crock is NOT butter. No matter how I may squint at the label, it just wouldn’t read “butter”. It kept reading “39% vegetable oil spread”.

Hmmm… alrighty then. Back into the kitchen I went.

This time I used REAL butter. Genuine real butter. Butter. Not Parkay. (Anyone remember those commercials from the 80’s? Or is it just me?) And I added about 1/4 cup more of yogurt to the recipe. Result? Pliable, workable dough! YAY!

For the middle I used 2 jellies (triple berry and strawberry) and an almond butter spread. The almond butter spread was NOT a hit with my picky kids. I liked it well enough. But not exactly a hit here. :)

This time instead of the dough only yielding 7 measly poptarts, I cooked up 20 poptarts! And these came out decent. I cooked them for the 25 minutes in the recipe but my oven seems to run really hot, so the edges were a bit harder than I’d like. Well, harder than the kids liked. So next time I’ll cook them for about 20-23 minutes.   I’ll also use less filling.  A whole HEAPING teaspoon resulted in a few leaking their yumminess:

What can I say?  I am NOT a natural in the kitchen. But it has been a learning experience for me.  ;)

You probably noticed one poptart in the top photo had some white on it… I added cake frosting to a few of my poptarts to entice the kids to think that they are JUST LIKE these:

Not sure it quite worked but it sure added a bit of fun to their poptarts!

Now that I have the dough figured out, time to play around and make Hot Pockets, Pizza Pockets, and more! :D

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