That was a Looong Quiet Day!

JUL 30, 2008


I have been meaning to sit and blog again but the days literally have been blurring together.  I’d always tell myself later…  “Later on today, I really need to blog about Mikayla’s reading clinic at the university.”   “Oh! Later on, I need to post a video of Joshua dancing.”  “Later tonight I should blog about Rachel’s ability to tell me the name of every letter, color, and shape!”

And then later comes and it is late and I’m tired, so I tell myself “tomorrow I’ll post about the new barn, Mikayla is riding at!”  or “Tomorrow, I must make time to tell everyone that Joshua is walking and has a new nickname.”  or “Tomorrow, I should talk about Rachel’s new love for Barbie.”

And tomorrow never comes because tomorrow never arrives.

But today is now tomorrow.

HUH?  OK that made sense in *my* head!  LOL

No really, we have LOTS of news.  (Like we’re looking for a new job!  Know of one nearby for mechanical engineers??)

But in short… we’re ok.  Busy working, keeping up with the walking baby, and me personally dealing with a few things. But I’ll get into that… tomorrow!  :shifty:

No really…  I will!  :cowgirl:

2 comments to That was a Looong Quiet Day!

  • So glad to see a new post from you! Hope everything is going okay for you guys. Good luck with the new job hunt. I’ll check back tomorrow and see if you’ve posted again!

  • Christine is back! Good for you. A new barn for Mikayla to ride in? Shapes, colors and letters are being mastered by Rachel? And your Joshua is walking? How long has it been? A lot has happened in six weeks!

    Too bad you’re so far away. I’m about an hour outside of Phila.

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