Post #4 – Last Photo Set of the Britax Frontier (very pix heavy)

JUN 7, 2008

Upon request, here are still MORE photos of the Frontier. Not sure how many more ways to photograph a car seat! LOL

If you missed the other posts, they are:

Post #1 – When we first got the Frontier with comparison pix next to the Marathon.

Post #2 – Answered some visitor questions with photos of my oldest 10 yo daughter in the seat.

Post #3 – Shows car’s belt measurements of the seat installed in my 2001 Ford Taurus.

> Post #4 – This post shows how high the head rest goes and how much the seat slopes in recline and upright positions. My oldest 10yo daughter is shown in the seat with head rest up.

This is my 10 year old, 82 pound, 57.5 inch tall daughter sitting in the Britax Frontier with the head rest FULLY extended. As you can see, she still fits really well.

From the top of her head to the top of the extended head rest, it measures 4.25 inches.

As you can see there is lots of room between her shoulder and the side wings.

The head rest extends 12.25 inches from the top of the car seat itself to the top of the extended head rest. From the seat of the carseat to the top of the head rest, it measures a total of 33.25 inches.

Underside of the Britax Frontier.

This is what surprised us: there is a gap in the padding when the head rest is fully extended. We found that odd. Maybe we did something wrong (something I am going to look into) but took photos anyway. For what it is worth, my oldest daughter didn’t even notice the gap when sitting in the car seat. So I guess it doesn’t effect the comfort.

Showing how much the carseat is angled while in the recline mode…

and in the upright mode.

The seat is in the recline mode here installed in the car. I’d estimate that it reclines approximately 10-20 degrees. But that certainly not an accurate measurement… just a guesstimate. :)

When the carseat is in recline mode, it does overhang our Taurus bench seat by 1 inch. Our bench seat measures a total of about 20 inches.

Finally, here are some harness slot measurements:

1st slot = 11.5 inches

2nd slot = 12.5 inches

3rd slot = 13.5 inches

4th slot = 14.5 inches

5th slot = 15 inches

6th slot = 15.75 inches

7th slot = 16.5 inches

8th slot = 17.5 inches

After that, the head rest can extend more but not in harness mode… only in booster seat belt positioner mode.

Hope this helps in your buying decisions! :D

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