MAY 14, 2008

It was a beautiful day for a drive up to horse riding lessons yesterday. It wasn’t hot or cold, but just right. It is days like this that make me forget the long awful winters here in Michigan. Kaybear was asked which horse she wanted to ride for her 4th lesson and she picked Tootsie.

This darling little pony was just so patient with Kaybear. She even nuzzled her during grooming as if to say “Thank you for helping me shed my winter coat!”

When we first entered the indoor arena, Strawberry immediately went for the chairs. She promptly perched herself on it to watch her sister. Eventually, we did leave to explore a bit. (I’ll show those photos later in the week.)

Suzanna wasn’t there, so Kaybear had a substitute instructor, Wendy

Kaybear has really progressed in a short amount of time. I was amazed. She kept her hands relaxed during this lesson and heels for the most part down. And she had a much better time of steering than last week.

Wendy asked Kaybear if she had been practicing posting at a trot as her posting was good for a beginning rider. Kaybear told her, “Yes… I practice while riding my bike.” Wendy replied, “I never thought of that!”

Finally, Kaybear was done and we had to leave. But with the nice weather and peacefulness of the ranch, none of us wanted to leave! Daddy had to be picked up from work, so we couldn’t dilly dally. We always have next week! :)

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