Theme Thursday: Fun!

MAY 8, 2008

The Land of K.A.‘s photography theme this Thursday is all about fun! I have a few of… who else? You guessed it! My kids having fun!

Problem is that the photos are not the greatest photography-wise. They are always out playing in the bright, glaring sun (I really need to get a polarizer lens for my little Fuji!) so although I have metered and set my manual settings as best as I could, things just got overexposed. Doesn’t help that I have these fair skinned kids and they reflect the sun like aluminum foil! LOL

So I have alot to learn about photographing during a bright sunny day. OK, enough blabbering… here’s my photos of fun!

Mikayla had her birthday this past Saturday and from us, her dear ol’ parents, she got a new bike! A purple 15-speed Huffy Lakota¬† at that. Super nice and Mikayla loves zooming along. Daddy is going to teach her how to use the different speeds this weekend.

riding new bike

Gosh! In this photo she looks all grown up! She’s only 10, though.

Rachel wanted to ride her bike with sissy.

Rach riding

Rach riding 2

And Josh looks in on the fun!

at door

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