Link of the Week: Weekly Photography Nemes

MAY 5, 2008

Best Shot Monday I discovered the blog Mother May I last week. Tracey’s blog is known for her photography and thoughtful posts. But it is the Best Shot Monday themes that I have become addicted to. I eagerly anticipate Mondays, normally a dreaded day of the week for me, but not anymore because I love seeing what the theme for the week will be as well as view other participant’s “best shots”.

This week’s theme is a classic moment. Here is mine >

Theme Thursday Another recent photography neme I started participating in is Theme Thursday. Over at The Land of K.A., Stacey posts on Sunday the theme for the following Thursday. Often she has tips to share as well.  I find I am always learning something new on her blog and I really enjoy seeing her own photography.

This week’s theme is Fun! I’ll post mine this Thursday. I already have something in mind!

Do you participate in any weekly nemes?    Which ones? :)

2 comments to Link of the Week: Weekly Photography Nemes

  • I don’t actively participate in any themes although I am a fan of Frugal Friday. I need to participate but have trouble remembering what day it is… LOL!!

    Wasn’t that hilarious to see the turkey go swimming!?!? They both went in later that day and again today. They just follow the ducks right in. All of my life, I was told that turkeys drown in the rain — our run over to stand under the sprinklers when we water the garden and follow the ducks right into the pond. They only swim for short periods of time and then stand in the shallow water while the ducks play. Too funny!


  • I’m glad you are finding the Theme Thursdays fun. :) I used to participate in BSM every week, but I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with everything lately.

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