Sometimes I Hate It When I am Right

MAY 16, 2008

Earlier this year, hubby and I was contemplating on what we were going to do with our tax refund. We wanted to be good stewards of our money and not blow it like we usually have done in the past.

We really wanted to visit family down in Texas. As we were contemplating our first vacation in 3 years, I told hubby that I didn’t think we could afford it, not with the price of gas as it was. I told hubby that I predicted the gas to be up to $4 by summer.

Sometimes I hate it when I am right…

4 comments to Sometimes I Hate It When I am Right

  • Ugh! Gas prices are dreadful!! We are very glad to have already been cutting back on expenses and trying to live a frugal life. Maybe we a tiny portion of our money won’t go towards petrol!!


    P.S. Thank you for your comment about the Borax. I completely forgot to mention the possible reactions and troubles with such cleaning agents. Bless you!


  • Good grief. I hope you still get to go… :pray:

  • Ughhh! We were thinking of driving to Maine again this summer, and I think that even though the gas is high, we may still go. We just love it at Acadia National Park.

  • Oh, I hope you can still go! I know the gas is soo high now. It’s amazing how much it has gone up in a few years time. :doh:

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