MAY 7, 2008

Meet Buttercup.


She’s a sweet elderly pony who used to be a show pony. She has been helping to teach many children how to ride for many years.

Grooming Buttercup

Tacking Up

Yesterday, Kaybear had a chance to ride gentle Buttercup. She did better but had a bit of trouble steering, keeping the horse to the outside of the ring. Buttercup kept wanting to cut corners.

Riding Buttercup

Strawberry watched with avid interest. We sat inside the indoor arena instead of up in the observation room. She liked it better in the arena.


Watching wow

Watching 3

Kaybear has a difficult time listening to Suzannah’s instructions. See, Suzannah has a British accent. Both hubby and I told her “you’ll get used to it.” Hopefully, it teaches her to listen more carefully.

Learning how to ride

Learning how to ride

While she was riding, Strawberry, Little Man, and I did a little exploring of the ranch. I’ll share some photos on Friday. :)

6 comments to Buttercup

  • She looks so serious! I’m very glad that she’s passionate about riding. It did wonders for me! I was painfully shy as a child — clumsy and unsure of myself. Riding gave me wings! I found not only a lifelong source of joy but an area where I could shine.

    Lovely pictures!


  • LOL–My husband Squazz has called me Buttercup for years. I love that she is elderly and doesn’t listen well. FUNNY!

  • Buttercup seems sweet. Yes, those British accents are tough at first!

    My internet still isn’t right. I have to visit blogs while at work now. I’ll get back to you.

  • Grandma Linda

    Beautiful horse, Kayla! Hang in there.

    I can’t get over how much Rachel looks like her mother. I use to think she looked like her dad but she is looking more like you every day, Christine.

  • Grandma Linda, you think so? I guess that will be OK as long as she has her Daddy’s brains! ;)

  • Grandma Linda

    I really do think she looks like you, and Aunt Peg agrees.

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