Before and After: Duotone

MAY 2, 2008

Yes… yet another photography post! You know, when I was heavy into my babywearing all I talked about was carriers. Mei Tais, ring slings, podeagi’s, and wraps. Woven wraps, silk, hemp, organic… you get the idea.

So aren’t you glad I have a new hobby to gush about??

After: My Heart Skips a Beat

OK. So here is my Little Man. I love love love this photo. I submitted it as my Best Shot Monday photo. I even submitted this to Kacey’s April Photo Contest. (ETA: I added the correct link to the voting polls. You’ll go and vote right? You don’t have to vote for mine. Just vote. It’s fun!) Anyway, it was so hard to decide which photo I wanted to submit. I took alot of good photos this month. But I digress…

I wanted to show another BEFORE and AFTER photo because I love love love looking at other people’s before and after shots. You know I used to be a purist… I hated the very idea of using Photoshop or GIMP or any program. I figured if you couldn’t shoot the photo right the first time… well ya know. But then I met PDub and saw what awesome things she does with photos and well that led to downloading a trial version of Photoshop CS3 and then ultimately to downloading GIMP… and now I am a post-processing fool!

OK… moving right along…

Here is the before:

Before: My Heart Skips a Beat

Yea. Alot of distractions. The colors are bland. But man! I loved Josh’s cute face. And those curled toes. Makes me want to suck those toes!

Because I’m not as cool as Pioneer Woman, I didn’t take pictures of my post-processing – besides I use GIMP and I think everyone else in the world uses Photoshop… But maybe you can get the general idea of what I am doing. And if you use the poor man’s Photoshop (aka GIMP), then this is your lucky day!

1. First I cropped the grass and toy out of the picture. I adjusted my crop using the “Rule of Thirds” tool. In GIMP, it is found under FX Foundry -> Toolbox -> Rule of Thirds. If you don’t have the FX Foundry plugin, you need it. Now. I’ll wait…

OK, now that you are back…

I adjusted my crop so that Josh is in the right 2/3rds of the photo.

2. Next, I cloned the shaded spot over the tire. I also cloned that distracting crack in the cement. No more tire! No more lines! YAY!

3. Then I defogged it.You’ve may have heard of defog but I never did until last week on The Land of K.A. blog. There’s this fog or haze that cameras put on your images. Don’t know why. Didn’t ask. It’s there, though. By running your unsharp mask at (GIMP) Radius 60 Amount .20 Threshold 0 or (Photoshop) Radius 60 Amount 20% Threshold 0, it removes that fog. Neato!

(For portraits, run your unsharp at settings: (GIMP) Radius 1 Amount 1.5 Threshold 10 / (Photoshop) Radius 1 Amount 150% Threshold 10 to remove that fog.)

4. Now for the toning. I agonized over this. I really like the black/white conversion. And I had a zillion tones to use. (You can find quite a collection of tones here.) I pestered my poor husband over which tone to use. “Do you like this or that?” After he finally decided that I wouldn’t go away unless he answered my questions, he choose this nice tone, Palladium 01.

Palladium 01

In GIMP, you open the tone up. Go back to the original image and click to Colors -> Map -> Sample Colorize.

You’ll select your tone in the Sample dropdown box. Click the Get Sample Colors button, then Apply, and Close buttons. I didn’t mess with any levels in the tone because I liked it just as it was.

I don’t know if Photoshop has anything like that or that easy. If not, I pity you…

5. Last but not least I ran FX Foundry -> Photo -> Sharpen -> EG Smart Redux Sharpen.

And I was done!

After: My Heart Skips a Beat

(Click on photo for a larger view.)

Before and After:

Before and After

Now go forth and tone!

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