Reluctant Model

APR 25, 2008

My oldest daughter often complains that there are not as many photos of her in our photoblog as there are of her sister and brother. Often the reason is as simple as that she simply isn’t home when I have the time to take photographs. She is off playing with her friends. So the youngest hostages kids are the object of my photography lessons the majority of the time.

But my oldest daughter is beautiful (I’m a tad bit biased, of course), and I can tell her how and where I want her to be positioned. Most times she will stay still as I experiment with different settings on the camera.


But for all her grumblings of jealousy, she’s not always a willing guinea pig.

It takes a little joking around to warm her to modeling for me.

Sometimes she’s an angel.

angel wanna be

Sometimes she’s a little devil complete with horns.


Sometimes she’s just plain weird. (She didn’t get that from *my* side of the family.)


But underneath she is still my sweet girl…


And the perfect model for my progressing photography skills.

Pucker Up!


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