Link of the Week: 3 More Flickr Sets

APR 21, 2008

Since it has been awhile since I’ve shared a link of the week (do you miss them??), I thought I’d share some new Flickr sets that I have found recently…

jwl photography JWL Photography

Ingenious, creative, inspiring, witty… these are all words that I would describe this set of photo. Primarily of his two daughters, he creates beautiful images that are often thought-provoking as well. His use of lighting is masterful. He has a matching photoblog that have dialog with the photos.

Cinnamons photostream Cinnamon’s Photostream

Anyone who has over 500 photos to make it to the “Explore” page of Flickr has got talent. Great use of natural lighting, colors and bookah highlight many of her photos.

Emmas Photostream emma !s photostream

At the age of 13, Cindy’s daughter is already a budding photographer. Emma’s photos are fresh and alive, especially her self-portraits. I’ll be watching this teen progress in her skills with interest. Anyone with a mom like Cindy is sure to become brilliant herself!

Go check them out… now. You won’t regret it! :D

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